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What’s Cooking in Real Estate?

What’s Cooking in Real Estate?

LOGLINE: It is a unique synergy of high-powered networking and content driven video production. It is the show that pairs up Real Estate Celebrities with elite culinary artists in order to cook up a ‘Meal and a Deal’. The show is always taped at a different location for every shoot. The live studio audience consists of handpicked industry insiders to discuss specific market trends while preparing delectable dishes. The goal is to stimulate the Real Estate Industry by delivering up to date information on an unparalleled platform.

DIRECTOR: Dale Orroyo

WRITER: Albert Albanese (Episode 2) and Jasmin S. Greene (Episode 3)

PRODUCER: Ramfis Myrthil

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Vernon Jones and Judy Sahagian

STATUS: Currently in Post Production