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Registration: 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Media interviews: 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Panel begins: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Opening performance: 7 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.

Networking and open bar: 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Auction and Raffle Announcements: 8 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

Don coqui salsa afterparty: 8:30 p.m. and on. . .

This event will be the perfect way to reward your colleagues and staff – or come on your own and meet a whole lot of other Business Professionals. You’ll walk away inspired and ready for more.

What else can you expect:

*Live taping of the new TV Show: The Big Deal*

  • Delicious Appetizers
  • 1 hour OPEN BAR – Beer, Wine and Sangria
  • Auction (includes both: Silent Auction and Raffles)
  • A swag bag full to the brim
  • Network with Westchester’s leading developers, owners, investors and community leaders

Don’t miss out!


Migrating Millennials: From Smartphone to Smarthome

Millennials, the new buzzword trending now, and for a very good reason. It is estimated that there are currently 80 million in the U.S. What Does that mean for today’s social economical and housing market? The boom of the internet has dramatically changed the way we live, work, shop and entertain. Especially for a generation that grew up almost exclusively with advanced online technology and constant access to whatever they want, whenever they want it.

For this generation the idea of job security, a pension and social security are “wishful thinking.” We live in a time when startups and working from home are the new norm. The cost of living in Manhattan and New York City are outpricing Millennials Which have them looking into different options in cities like White Plains and New Rochelle. Where you get more bang for your buck and a commute that’s 30 minutes or less.

This forum will address key points such as:

  • Amenities proving to be most attractive for millennial migration
  • Demand drivers of developments geared towards millennials
  • Viable alternatives to core development projects: submarkets, walking cities, mixed used properties
  • Sustainability, community,education
  • Travel, time, tech

Why Attend A Judy Networks Event

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Attending events gives you the chance to provide value to your perspective clients and sphere of influence by being with them in person. Face time is critical for staying in that top-of-mind person.


Attending a Judy Networks event gives you a chance to build your book of business and connect with other professionals and vendors who can help enhance your business and close more deals. The more tools in your box the better chance you have to fix things.

Personal touch

You can use video and photos to capture the event and then send photos afterward to your new potentials. Everyone loves a great photo, and what a great excuse to write a handwritten thank-you note and share through social media.


You can do an entire online campaign around the events you attended or as a retrospective to it. You can write blog posts and utilize Facebook, Instagram, email and YouTube to tell the story of what you gained and have to offer.

Referrals Leeds to Deals,

You never know who you will meet. If there is 50 professionals in the room all you need is one! If people like you they will send you referrals which turn into leeds then deals.

Interested  in sponsoring?

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Discovery Trip

Discovery Trip | Kuyabeh Community | Your Land | FAQ 
Discovery Trip New York

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There would be and early termination fee of 20% on what you’ve paid and the rest will be refunded to you. This will work on our end as well if we don’t deliver on the date of contract or honor the same there will be a 20% penalty for us.


The modules we are offering differ in sizes but the standard module which is 65m2 will have terrace, bedroom, restroom and a living area, basically it’s like a small apartment and these will be running anywhere between 65k and 69,000.00 USD with the ability to add other type of modules in the future to create an amazing jungle home.


*The only houses that need insurance are those that are beach front in the event of a hurricane the worst you will get is a lot of rain, since we are at least 34km inland this won’t be necessary. However if you would like to acquire insurance you can and we will provide the necessary companies that will give you the best pricing and coverage as well.


*In the event that the clients that rent out your jungle home break, tear or damage your belongings property management will have an inventory checklist that will be confirmed before customer checks out. If there is anything missing, broken, damaged they would have to pay or replace it.

How will we prevent forest fires?

*Through our safety workshop´s and education about the same topic, in common area´s we´ll have water based extinguishers.

What kind of pet´s can I have in Kuyabeh?

* Domestic pet´s and horses.

Are there any ecological fumigations?

* No but there will be workshops that will instruct the landowners on the most natural way to prevent any plagues etc.

What kind of materials can I use for the construction of the house?  

* We recommend using local materials like limestone, hard degradable Wood, cement, Steel. Basically anything that doesn’t

In case of a hurricane what are the preventive measures?

* Anti-Cyclonic wind shutter´s and protection this will depend on what kind of material the client wants to use and apply to his jungle home.

What is a cenote?

* A cenote is a natural water spring hole (cavern like) with limestone walls and crystal clear fresh water to swim in.

What will be the cost for solar panels ? How many will I need?

* Each solar panel is different they range anywhere from 500 to 800 USD. The amount of solar panels that are required differs from family to family depending the energy consumption of each, normally you would need 5 to 6 for a family of 6.

Is the cenote part of the common área?  Will there be a charge?

* Yes the cenote is part of the common áreas and there is no limit to as how many times you want to visit the natural pool, the charge will be included in the maintenance fee.

How much is the maintenance fee?

*The maintenance fee will be  around 100-150 USD. To be defined.

What can I build in my lot?

* Jungle home , palapa, temazcal, natural pool, cultivating ground basically anything that won´t require digging under a meter. Our construction guide will also be something you will rely on.

Will there be a charge for green building orientation?

* We will provide a list of 7 arquitects you which you will choose the one that best suits your style and the as for the orientation that will be included in the price of the house.

How much will a standard jungle home cost?

*Depends on how big you want your house to be but on an average of 65 to 69k usd for a regular 1 bedroom with kitchen area and a terrace module. You can add modules to your jungle home and make a 3 module house. Like making your own combo, depending on how you want your house to be, modules start at about 45k. This will all be explained on your discovery trip.

Will all the sorts of workshops have a charge or will they be included in the maintenance fees?

* To be determined.

What kind of workshops will there be?

*All kinds pertaining to Eco living, meditation, yoga, sustainability, vegan, Pilates, fauna, spiritual and much more we will also add workshops on property owners request.

Will there be a discount for the hotel and spa for property owners and Friends and families?

* Yes, to be defined as to how much.

How much is the discount if we buy more than 3 lots?

* 3% discount. (Doesn’t apply if there is a promotion through lot purchase

When is the 1st phase (Balam) scheduled to be delivered?

* December 2017 along with the common areas. (24 hectares of common área- 59 acres).

Can I build a hotel in my lot?

* No but you can build a big jungle home and rent it out.

How much will I be able to rent out my jungle home for?

* $80-$120 usd for a single bedroom module and that is the low season price on high season anywhere between 150-180 usd ( Jan, March, April and Dec.)


Will there be property management, and if so how much will they charge?

* We will provide property management as well as maintenance to your home with just a 30% commission charge.

What kind of stove will I need?

*There won´t be any natural gas installations therefore you can either buy an electrical stove (which isn´t recommended) or the most common and most affordable gas stove buy a cylinder of gas)

How much are the solar panels, what is the standard size?

*This will vary, depending on the consumption of the family. For a family of 5 it will take around 6-8 solar panels costing of around $600.00 to $800.0 usd each. That will power your home just fine.

How will we have wáter in our home, How big are the cisterns?

* The wáter will come through rain capture and we will have a service for $42.00 usd you will get a 10,000 liter cistern filled up. That will last a couple of month´s depending on use.

What kind of restrictions will the car owners in Kuyabeh have?

* 30kph, we will have bike trails to get around and through Kuyabeh.

How many acres in 9,400m2? And how much can I build in my lot?

*2.23 acres total lot size. And you will be able to build in 658m2 which is in 7% of your lot (7,082 sq ft)

Will there be a kids area?

* There will be section´s within Kuyabeh that are kid friendly and workshops to educate them on sustainability from a young age.

Will there be meditation workshops, if so how much will they be?

*There will be all kinds of workshops, meditation, yoga, vegan, cultivating and sustainability etc etc … the Price if any will be discounted for the people in Kuyabeh or clients renting out a jungle home or we are figuring out if we can implement that charge within the maintenance fee.

When do you deliver the 4 phases? Approximately?

* 1st phase BALAM will be delivered in Dec. 2017, and each phase after that every year, with the 3rd and 4th to be delivered at the same time approximately 4 years from now Kuyabeh will be delivered in terms of phases.

When will we have access to the cenote, will there be a charge?

*No charge this will be included within the maintenance fees and the cenote will be ready before the delivery of the 1st phase.

If I buy 2 lots will I be able to to build on 14% of the 2 lots?

* Yes and this will be in the nucleus of both lots in the event you wanted to build on both. If you want to sell one and build your house on the other that would be ok as well.

How long until I can sell my lot after it´s fully payed and how much is the fee to do so?

* You will be able to sell the lot until it´s fully payed, immediately and no penalty fees either. We can re-sale your lot or you can do this in your own

How will the garbage system work?

* We will ask you to separate your waste in different piles like plastic organic and inorganic, there will be recollection days and also you can take it to our recycling center within Kuyabeh. We will also have a compost area that will give service to our cultivating grounds.

What is compost?  

* Decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer.

What kind of fauna can be harmful for me and my pets? What security measures will there be to prevent intoxication?

* There will be educational workshops that will teach each and every one of us what is harmful to us and our pets. Along with educational posters with pictures of plants that we would have to avoid.

Will there be fumigations done in  Kuyabeh?

* Yes, after specific events like heavy rains or mosquito season

What kind of telecommunications will there be?

* Internet in Kuyabeh through wifi and Phone service only thour voice ip. Wifi in some of the common areas.

How will we prevent contamination to the subsoil and the environment?

* Following the ambient guide of Kuyabeh and avoiding quimical based products harmful to the environment.

How safe will Kuyabeh be? Will there be security guards how many etc?

* Aside from having 2 security guards for the 1st phase patrolling, we will have a gate that only people that own a property can enter and with reservation at the hotel, spa or restaurant. If a visitor comes along they will be asked to leave a copy of their I.D. and other important information will be gathered.

How do I know my money is safe with Kuyabeh?

* First off we have a title property for our 375 hectares (926 acres )and Kuyabeh is under a bank trust which has the capital to build the development in its entirety

How long will the developer handle the administration after the phases have been delivered?

* The developer will administrate the development for 1 full year after the delivery of every lot

Can I build a pool in my lot, if so what kind?

* Yes, with 1 meter Deep as the most we can dig over the natural terrain. We recommend construction that is comes up from the terrains Surface o partially over the ground. 

Will there be a specific zone for bonfires and camping?

* Yes we will have a designated zone for camping within the common areas and you can also build a bonfire pit through our construction regulations guide.

Will Kuyabeh have a Health área or medics? If not how far away will this be from Kuyabeh.

* We will have the regular first aid kit and alternative medicine, the closest medical center from Kuyabeh is in Tulum and that will be 20 min away or 45min from Playa Del Carmen

Can i build my tree house in the trees that are not part of my 7% building área?

* Yes you can build your tree house always under the construction committee´s supervision.

What kind of structures of buildings can affect the development?

* That will be all under the construction regulations and guide. (noisy back up generator, blinding lights, etc.)

Can I fence up my lot?

*No, this will restrict the natural passage for wildlife you can put a natural perimeter with plants and fauna of the área. 

What will the Communal Schedule be? How late can we be in the cenote or other areas?

* To be defined.

Will there be transportation from Kuyabeh to Tulum and back?

* We are currently debating this option for specific days only. We will keep our clients informed on this matter.

Why will i need to go out of Kuyabeh for?

* With everything inside Kuyabeh: Wellness center,  holistic zone , restaurant, hotel, cultivating grounds, cenote, amphitheater, and so on the only reason you might want to go outside of Kuyabeh will be to go the beach!!

What filters the sewage to the subsoil?

* Bio-digesters.

What sort of things can I do in Kuyabeh? 

*Cenote (swimming activities), community gatherings in our amphitheater, reunions with loved ones in our palapa, bar-bq´s, compost area to recycle organic waste, sustainability workshops to learn more on how to live with a minimum impact to the environment, eat at a great organic restaurant, organic market where you will be able to exchange your product or sale, hotel amenities, spa, yoga, meditation, astronomical platform for star gazing, reiki spiritual healing, homeopathy, tai chi, Pilates, spiritual awareness seminars, eco sensitive talks, horses, bike riding through the trails, watch tower and bird watching, cultivating grounds to grow your own produce, enjoying the outdoors, camping, relaxing in the natural terraces, bonfire nights,  and a lot of peacefulness and tranquility. Among with many more things!!

Can I build a apartment complex and rent it out?

*No but you can build a large home and rent it out through our property management group.

As someone who is a foreign can I purchase a lot/property in Mexico ?

* Yes you can through a Mexican Trust.

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Your Land

Discovery Trip | Kuyabeh Community | Your Land | FAQ 

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Master Plan

Kuyabeh Community

Discovery Trip | Kuyabeh Community | Your Land | FAQ Kuyabeh Master

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