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Why Attend A Judy Networks Event

Why Attend A Judy Networks Event

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Attending events gives you the chance to provide value to your perspective clients and sphere of influence by being with them in person. Face time is critical for staying in that top-of-mind person.


Attending a Judy Networks event gives you a chance to build your book of business and connect with other professionals and vendors who can help enhance your business and close more deals. The more tools in your box the better chance you have to fix things.

Personal touch

You can use video and photos to capture the event and then send photos afterward to your new potentials. Everyone loves a great photo, and what a great excuse to write a handwritten thank-you note and share through social media.


You can do an entire online campaign around the events you attended or as a retrospective to it. You can write blog posts and utilize Facebook, Instagram, email and YouTube to tell the story of what you gained and have to offer.

Referrals Leeds to Deals,

You never know who you will meet. If there is 50 professionals in the room all you need is one! If people like you they will send you referrals which turn into leeds then deals.

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