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2014 Real Estate Subway Series

2014 Real Estate Subway Series

Real Estate Subway Series, A NYC Journey

The goal of this series is to explore how the real

estate industry contributes to making New York City one of the

greatest cities on Earth. Real Estate is the very life blood of

this great city, from the labyrinthine underground subway

tunnels to the top of the Empire State Building. Our aim is to

show the important role that real estate professionals play in

making this city an extraordinary place to live and do business.

New York City is comprised of 5 city-sized counties, each

with its own unique personality. Manhattan is known for its

upscale shopping corridors and luxury high-rise apartments.

Brooklyn, once an artists’ hideaway, has recently been

transformed into a hipster mecca – and the arts continue to

thrive. Queens, one of the most racially diverse places in the

world, has a diverse offering of ethnic eateries in communities

that include yuppies and blue-collar workers. The Bronx is home

to the most successful sports franchise in existence, (as well

as the famous Bronx Zoo) and the borough has enjoyed a

remarkable revitalization over the past decade. Staten Island,

once considered “the Forgotten Borough,” has developed a rich

artistic heritage (Wu-Tang Clan anyone?) and the redevelopment

of the waterfront will include the world’s tallest Ferris wheel.

Each of the five boroughs that make-up New York City has it’s

own culture and real estate history.